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training and coaching services for public organisations, voluntary organisations, individuals or small groups and businesses.
Sidney Edwards Sidney Edwards is Principal Consultant.
An outstanding facilitator with a track record of providing highly effective programmes.
Equality, Diversity and Cultural Awareness Training
Bringing about greater awareness and capability.
Specialising in Diversity, Equality and Cultural Awareness.
With two decades of experience in both rural and urban settings, Sidney uses excellent people skills and a practical approach to achieve real change.
Employers gain from investment in training for employees.

Create positive attitudes through clarifying expected behaviours and attitudes.
Blending e-learning with face-to-face for NHS staff diversity training.

Enhancing personal interactions skills to address stress and productivity

Equipping senior secondary school staff to undertake EIAs.

Two-day mental health Diversity and Cultural Competancy programme.

Ensuring sensitive social services for rural minority ethnic communities.

Introducing coaching to health service staff development activities.
One of the most dynamic influences on leadership and organisations. Achieving personal skills development and attitude change through a limited number of structured one-to-one meetings.
People develop and become more effective in the workplace and other areas of their lives.

We believe in making a partnership with our clients.
Organisations and individuals each exist in unique contexts. Sometimes training and coaching solutions need to be designed to address specific issues.

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